Welcome to Maghull Weather

 Administrator    29 May 2019 : 14:00

Welcome to the new look

Welcome to the new look

Maghull Weather


The Website Software

Welcome, there are two major changes which have taken place recently. Firstly we have changed the web software. We were using e107 version 1 but, having been tried out successfully, upgraded to E107 version 2. It is currently using a standard Bootstrap theme (apologies, I will get round to getting a nice one) and the weather data is displayed in a custom plugin written by yours truely.

The Weather Software

For some years I have been using Weather Display running on a PC in the shed. In order to reduce power usage (I'm turning even greener) I switched to using a Raspberry Pi single board computer. It was running a distribution of Linux and the impressive WeeWX software. This pulls data from the Oregon Scientific WMR200 and logs it in a MySQL database. Each minute it generates the files for the weather pages and transfers them from the PI to the web server (which, just for interest, is located in the USA). 

The current implementation of the weather station uses Weather Display running on an elderly Windows 10 laptop and reading its data from the recently released Weather Flow station. I also have a WMR300 which I am looking at hooking up into a second copy of Weather Display so the two can be run side by side.

The Data

To see the current data take a look at the Current Conditions I will be adding more functionality as time goes by.